The Soul Sonic Sirkus is an extremely unique, spectacular collaborative between two Chicago arts institutions - The Midnight Circus and genre-defying saxophonist Mars Williams of Liquid Soul fame. The Soul Sonic Sirkus premiered at the esteemed Moers Jazz Festival in Moers, Germany in 2003. The highly anticipated show took the festival by storm with its groundbreaking collision of jazz, hip-hop, circus acrobatics, and a performing Pit Bull. Festival headliner and saxophone player extraordinaire Mars Williams assembled a wildly eclectic band to take the stage with Chicago's Midnight Circus, a daring ensemble of highly skilled acrobats and eccentrics and for a solid hour created a fully improvised, high-flying, music and theatrical explosion. The Soul Sonic Sirkus was born!

In July of 2011 Soul Sonic Sirkus played The Old Town School of Folk Music's highly acclaimed Folk and Roots festival. Joining the one of a kind, high-flying, genre-defying Soul Sonic Sirkus at The Folk and Roots Festival was guitarist Jeff Parker (Tortoise), cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and others.The show played the main stage to thousands of people. It was once again considered the highlight of a festival.

Over the years Williams and his Grammy nominated band Liquid Soul and the Midnight Circus have come together in various forms in various venues to re-create and re-invent the Soul Sonic Sirkus. At times the show is scripted, at times it is improvised on the spot. But one constant is the blurring of boundaries between live musicians and circus acrobats. Anything is possible in a performance where the musicians take to the air and the acrobats make music.